Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aaram after so long!

It's a lazy Sunday at home. So much so, that even the rain is pouring down lazily, the usually noisy birds and insects perched on the trees in front my my patio have gone off to sleep, the AC inside too is silent... Only the cars outside seem to be in some crazy hurry, with the occasional honking, echoes of water splashing all over the road, woosh woosh, and vroom vroom vroom!! All one wants now is some hot cuppas of ginger chai and vada pavs like the good ol' days of Bombay-Pune travel on the Expressway. Enjoying it all *_*

It is indeed strange that when we have a crazy busy life, we look for a few moments of peace and solitude. When we have peace and quiet around us, we long for masti, madness, and people. As I was writing the first paragraph of this note, a big fat wet squirrel just scurried by on the trunk of the tree. It seemed to be blissfully unaware of the rains and the noisy quiet around it. Looking at it running like that made me feel happy, don't know why. Maybe the fact that it was busy with its life and happy about it, not bothered about the rains or the cars, made me feel happy. And interestingly, as I almost finished this line about the squirrel, some bird apparently vying for attention started cooing in rhythm with the raindrops falling on the ground.

There is so much contrast in the quietly falling yet devouring rains of the nature in my backyard on one hand, and the cars zooming on West Broad on the other, screeching through the silence. Yet, all the silent humdrum reminds us of something: Busier the life, the better it is, it seems to keep us sane. Still, even in the midst of that madness, never fail to stop by and look at the world around you, it has a lot to teach. When it is required or when possible, take a break and enjoy yourself. And enjoyment is not just about making noise like those crazy cars, it is also about sitting quiet and allowing the silence to work through your brain and soul like a dose of fresh oxygen through your lungs. Being silent and in tune with your nature and surroundings can sometimes give more peace and joy than shopping on a discount coupon at Macy's or hogging at an all-you-can-eat buffet at Kabab and Grill. Life is much more beautiful than we think and the beauty lies in places that we may never even bother to look at, like the tree in our backyard. 

I've been waiting for a break for long and after three insanely busy weeks, today seems like the perfect Sunday. Gotta go, the birds and squirrels are waiting for me, bbye for now. And don't forget to look around!

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