Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Ganpati bappa morya! Nothing can match those 3 words, that chaos for those 10 days, those immersions, the aartis, the modaks, the millions of faithfuls who believe that you take care of them and eliminate all their obstacles... Please keep me and all your believers - and even non believers - under your love and care. I will always need you and I am forever grateful for everything you have given me and all those times you protected me from evil, helped me choose right over wrong, made me stick to righteousness, thank you also for those ocassions when you made me learn new lessons in life-and the way you taught me to give never up on what I believed in!! Please take special care of my loved ones, for they need you more than I do... I will miss not visiting you Siddhivinayak and not seeing the Lalbaughcha Raja procession this year, but you are and will always remain in my heart and my deepest and more sincere gratitudes... Om Vighnanashay Namah!

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