Saturday, November 17, 2012

2012 takes another wicket - and Facebook goes up in flames!

I never endorsed his methods, everybody talks about belling the cat but no one does it, there was one man who had the courage to bell the cats (read: protect Bombay and Bollywood from the underworld et al) and wash dirty linen in public, not worrying about whether it looked good or not. Selfish people like MMS keep quiet to maintain their Prime Ministership and life; on the other hand, one man didn't give a rat's tiny ass to his position or his life to defend millions of common men who, once upon a time, had no hero to look up to and no leader to follow. 

All those who call him a terrorist, Sonia Gandhi and Pratibha Patil are bigger terrorists because they are keeping the likes of Kasab alive for their vote banks. Today these terrorists, who seemingly have no idea of the stupidity Indira Gandhi did in the 1972 War, who have no clue how many soldiers die every year at Siachen due to gangrene and frostbite not due to bullets and bombs, are for the sake of pleasing the UN and the US, are willing to invite over the Pakistan cricket team - nothing wrong with that but don't they realize how many terrorists will enter the country through the visas they will issue to Pakistani "civilians." 

Go ask your parents what condition Bombay was in, in the 1970s and the 1990s, both for different reasons, and on both ocassions, one man shamelessly spoke for and defended what he believed in at the risk of his own life and his public image - he made countless enemies but is a big reason why most people in Bombay and Maharashtra have a straight back and a head held high. I say, nothing wrong in minting money for your kith and kin if you are doing something good - we all do that in a small way, for example, when in office, we steal a colleague's credit to get a promotion (or a Salman Khan killing people on the roadside and then keeping a Ganpati at his home is loved by people because he does it with his "handsome" face!). Find one straight talking politician in today's times (let's not count Vajpayee, the poor soul is in a mess right now) who has the ability, balls, and guts to speak up for what's right and go against some "madam's" whims and fancies. RIP BT, and also RIP ABV, whenever that happens, may God relieve ABV of the suffering he is going through, he doesn't deserve it.

It is fashionable and cool to speak of terrorism and terrorists, but that doesn't make one "modern!" Modernity, coolness, and greatness is when you stop killing foetuses of your unborn daughters, when you stop thinking that your female colleague needs to get married because she is above 25, when you stop spending lavishly on weddings and instead spend on a charity or invest on your kids' education, when you decide to adopt and give an abandoned child a good life, when you give up the temptation of settling down in a foreign country only to be with your parents in India. I know I probably hurt the fragile and whimsical sentiments of a lot of people, but then someone's gotta bell the cat, right ;)

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