Thursday, December 20, 2012

I don't have words to set a title for this blog.

All prayers for her to live - and if God is kind enough to let her live, prayers for her to get back to as much normalcy as possible so that her battle for life on the hospital bed does not go in vain and she can take care of her family, which is probably why she still says she wants to live.

It is next to impossible to lie on that hospital bed, go through all the physical pain, go through the mental agony of the possibility of not breathing at all after a few moments, leaving behind walking dead bodies of your family, yet somehow gather the greed to fight to just be alive. Seriously, at that point you just want to be alive without a second thought to whether life after that will be normal as before or not - first thought mushkil se/galati se ata hai, second thought ka sawal hi nahi uthta. With a strong willed and devoted daughter like this, no one needs a son even half as good.

NOM to men - I have a father and a brother and I love them with all my heart for the wonderful human beings that they are. But my heart cries for this girl as does that of everyone else. This girl's struggle for survival makes me feel that mine was nothing. And I feel disgusted that I cannot do anything for her; worse still, for her parents. My mom was able to feed me with her own hands. Her unfortunate mother won't be able to do that either.

I read some posts/comments on various online media, most people are condemning this incident, few have sworn to treat women better - nice. And there are a demented few who have talked about how north Indians are responsible for this, how the same thing had probably happened in 2002 in Gujarat, and there was one extremely intelligent person who said it is her mistake that she was being a bad daughter by roaming around with her boyfriend at 10 pm at night. To all of you, you are b*****ds and deserve a worse punishment than those 6 men. There is a time and place for everything. This is not the time to look at the past and divide people of religious lines like every other day. This is not the time for a candle light vigil, this is not the time for VIPs to visit the hospital. This is the time to sit at home and pray for her, to hang our heads in shame and think when and how we transformed our society into another Taliban, driven by blind ego and devoid of humanity. 5000 years ago we were the most civilized society on this earth, and today our conscience is murdered and does not shake us even once before our conscious mind thinks of such twisted actions. This is the time for all priests in temples, mosques, churches, and gurudwaras to keep havans and prayer services - the way we have when we wanted India to win the World Cup. This is the time to file PILs and start nationwide movements to create stricter and faster interpretation and implementation of existing laws. We have probably the vastest Constitution in the world, the US has a much smaller one. But this vast Constitution is like that batsman who scores well in the match but cannot guide his nation to victory because all others in the team didn't give solid support at the non-striker's end and gifted their wickets away.

Time to change and instill some discipline and prepare for stricter implementation of laws. If you are still not ready and still want to call yourself a "democratic," peaceful" citizen, go die.

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