Sunday, March 31, 2013

I don't get it.

I don't get it - 

When people are dishonest with the world it's okay,
But when people are dishonest with themselves, I don't get it

When people lie to the whole world it's okay 
But when they can see that other people know they're lying - and still keep lying, I don't get it

When people live in an open marriage and hit on other unsuspecting women
Assuming that they will reciprocate
Assuming they share the same polygamous principles of life they share with their spouse
I don't get it

When people reach out to you only in their times of need, it's okay
When people "make friends" with you on Facebook, it's okay (who cares about Facebook anyway), it's okay
When people take your response to your call/friend request for granted and think you will do favors for them, it's okay
But when people think everyone follows the same yardstick of right and wrong as you - it is not okay.

When people put others down to come up in life, it's okay
But when people think they will get away with it, it's not okay
Karma will catch up with them some day
Or worse, they will find themselves haunted by, hit back with the same people they pushed down

What may be right, what may be ethical for one, may not be right, may not be ethical for another
Why people don't understand this, I don't understand

Most people live their life for the world around them
Make choices not for themselves, but for the world around them
Do things thinking "what will society say?"
Do things because "it is the norm"
Okay - this, I get.

But some people
Live their life for themselves
Make choices for themselves
Do things because they feel are right, ethical, legal
As long as they do things that don't hurt others, why should anyone care?

But no. The world will not allow these people to live.
The world will hunt them down like hungry wolves
The world will single them out like outcasts
The world will ridicule them for having a mind of their own

The world can't see another's happiness if they are not happy.
If you are one of such minority, you have a good reason to feel truly happy
Because God made you special, your  parents made you special.
Because you were born with a special purpose. Not just to live the life of a vegetable - fresh today, rotten tomorrow.

Stick to your guns, hold your head high, have a clear conscience, life your life.
So long as you're true to yourself
So long as you don't harm anyone
You have the right to live. Much as everyone else. Much as the "majority."

Live your life how you want. So long as you

Live and Let Live.

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