Sunday, December 8, 2013

Friends... or fiends?

Don't know if people are so heartless and self centered or just plain stupid. If you say or do something to someone which seems normal to you but is not for them and they ask politely to stop, please try to understand and accept. If you continue to say or do that same thing over and over again and one fine day they start reacting with the same things to you, please understand they're hinting to you to stop by trying to make you go through what you made me go through. If you still don't stop and it comes to a point when they have to spell it out to you (and you don't like it), you need to realize it's not their fault and you brought it upon yourself. It hurt them on many levels too when they had to spell it out to you. 

Just because a person doesn't say anything it does not mean he/she doesn't feel hurt/insulted. Don't misunderstand or misinterpret a person's tolerance and patience as his/her weakness, he/she is probably just trying to be nice (and in that process slowly losing respect and love for you with each time you repeat yourself).

Don't make people who you call your friends distance themselves from you. Today's world and generation is full of people who you can call "contacts," but "friends," they are far and few.

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