Sunday, December 22, 2013

What desn't kill you, makes you stronger.

If one has had a near death experience, it doesn't mean life ends there. It is actually rebirth. And God's way of hitting them on the head telling them to hit the gas on the pace of life, for it's high time.. and their time. Good time. The best time of their life is coming. Telling them to not give up, at this point, after coming so far.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stand a little longer" is not just a saying. It is indeed true.

Conversely, if you haven't gone through it, just take the words at face value and try to value the good life you have and thank your stars that you don't have these scars. Let the fact that you don't have that pain and those scars be the energy that drives you.

Quite frankly, the pain never goes nor do the scars. Only that the pain keeps propelling you to push yourself beyond your limits, because you get up every morning thinking this will be your last day alive and you sleep every night thinking that will be your last night of peaceful sleep.

The universe sometimes works itself in seemingly cruel ways. It will put you back where those negative forces threw you out from. It is then that time to start your Karma and your Dharma. Focusing on what you are sent back there for, realizing that there was a purpose - and a good purpose behind the universe putting you back in the same spot. If you get scared and run away from that spot you are going against the forces of nature, which doesn't make sense... wasn't it you - your ego - that kept wishing for it, wishing that "I want to go back and complete my unfinished business," "I want to set things straight," or, "I want clear my name of all wrongdoings," "I want the world to know what I'm capable of?" Therefore, as the great Nike ad says, Just do It. Do your Karma with attachment to the process and without attachment to the outcome - whether you'll be able to finish your business or not.

Much like if you focus on thoroughly reviewing the requirements and scrutinising the design, you will develop a code with zero defects and have a successful implementation. Much like how you'll pour your heart, tears, pain out while writing an article without worrying whether it will be liked or not. Much like how a parent will selflessly sacrifice to bring his/her kid happiness without thinking about whether that Seva will ever be reciprocated.

It is indeed true that, when you stay completely focused on your Karma without attachment to the fruits of your actions, the Divine intervenes and supports you to reach your goal. The Divine being the goodness inside of you.

Never underestimate the power of the Divine. Willpower can and will change you and your world.

~Dedicated to the scars we've all ever had.

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