Thursday, December 5, 2013

Really Random Lengthy Ramble

Letting go is the simplest, hardest yet one of the most important lessons to learn in life. Without that, one will never be able to let go of this material[body & world].

The body is mortal, the relationships are man made. The emotions are of the body. But the soul is everlasting, shashwat. The pretty clothes, jewelery, riches, power, fame, name, are all for the body - the rented apartment that the soul stays in while it is away from its true home, the Almighty. It is one's decision to make this rented apartment a house or a home. Not with the pretty clothes, jewelery, riches, power, fame, and name but with purity of thought and sincerity in deed.

It is easy to physically injure another body, but it is one's own soul that takes the blow, that also gets injured. The purity it had while being a part of the divine is lost each time one tries to go farther and farther into its material form. It is important to love oneself and another, love from the soul not from the body. The body may express love as a birthday gift, a great night in bed, a beautiful palace, or a fast car. The intent is not owned by the body though. The intent of the action comes from the soul and the expression of love is pure only when the soul remains pure. It is important to accept. Even the "abnormal" ones, the ones who stammer, the ones who limp, couples who are childless, mothers who are single, women who aren't pretty, students who are not great at anything, just accept them. 
Accept even the ones who don't believe in the soul and in divinity - they have faith in their beliefs after all. Everyone has a soul too and so are also a part of the divine just like yours. Thus you and they are the same. They just got a different rented apartment from yours because they[their soul] had a different journey to travel. Accept them therefore for what they are and not for what you want them to be.

Accept yourself. Accept not just the body but also the soul.

The soul's rented apartment needs to be kept clean and safe and secure. Some place to be feel comfortable in and to come back to each day. Do everything you can to keep your apartment so. Scold the kid if it really needs to be scolded. Tell someone to stop if they smoke in your face and you can't bear it. Stand up and fight for what you believe in. Never give up. Never say die. The soul never dies.

The journey of the soul starts from the point it splits from the divine, not from the point it was physically conceived. And it ends, not at the time when the body is destroyed but when it reunites with the divine. The soul keeps wandering from one house to another until it is ready to reunite. One[body] will never know when this journey of the soul is about to end. It may end after journeying through 10 bodies, or it may not end after moving through a million. So, when your soul is with this body, try to take care of the soul too. Who knows, it might be your turn next.

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