Saturday, March 22, 2014

12 Monkeys

A dark, almost depressing movie. 

But Brad and Bruce (and Bruce's twice-flashed behind) kept making me want to see what happens next. 

Top notch acting by Bruce Willis. One is intially attracted to Brad Pitt's potrayal of a lunatic, of a "mentally divergent" person, but later start to notice Bruce's genius through his subtlely, which gradually turns into almost psychotic, deranged behavior. The scenes in which Bruce Willis expresses his excitement and amazement at the radio, the sunlight, the water, the wind, makes us realize how much we take things for granted when they are conveniently and abundantly available to us, and how we begin to understand their true value only when we lose them or when we don't have them. I've always been a nature lover, but this movie has surely brought in new perspective and admiration for the nature around me. Thanks to the buddy who recommended this gem!

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