Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Demon called "Process"

Look familiar? Read on!

Processes are meant to save time and effort, not burden the team/individual. Unfortunately, a large number of people in the IT industry are lead to disbelieve this fact and no one ever bothers to dispel their myth.

The main reason why team members shy away from processes is because they do not have clear awareness of the benefits; that the processes are imposed on them without explaining to them how they can empower them when approached with the right attitude and when used correctly. A number of times teams do not realize it is their responsibility to follow a process and due to their lack of knowledge they may end up developing a lack of desire to participate.

Many times the team leader is also responsible for this continued lack of awareness/lack of interest. Processes are expected to be followed like laws without allowing anyone the time or opportunity to question. Only if this curiousity was welcomed (or if the desire to escape was constructively addressed) and teams were given the chance to be heard and a few minutes spent on explaining, I'm sure a lot of teams would be willing to oblige.

Of course, there are several ramblings prevelant which are enforced under the garb of "process." For both teams and leaders, it is their responsibility as well as right to question, introspect, and offer options and alternatives, if they really seem to be a burden than a boon. If they can spare themselves time for a smoke, humor, or grumbling about how much they hate their process, definitely they would have the time and energy to expend on some sincere introspection.

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