Saturday, June 28, 2014

Which crow are you?

Just like there is a difference between passsion and obsession, a difference between hard work and smart work, and a difference between working 20*7 and doing lot of little productive work versus working 8*5 with less but more productivity. A person who is passionate about what he does may spend 10 hours working and switch off as soon as he is done - on the other hand, an obsessed person will work for 6 hours but will keep his mental lights on for all 24 hours.
It is the same as a cellphone battery dying out sooner because the data connection was kept on all day even though it was not needed. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where productivity, dedication, and integrity towards our work is measured in the number of hours and days one clocks in. 

People, learn to switch off. 

Find a hobby, a positive outlet. Time is too precious to be spent obsessing over the latest gossip or being overtly insecure. Even if it is something mundane like sleeping, cooking, cleaning or something drastic like a private yacht, look for something in life to live with, to smile about. 

Whether you are a parent to a rebellious teen, a corporate bigshot, or a high end fashion model, it is okay to be young at heart and to grin cheek to cheek and laugh your heart out even at 40. If that's what keeps you going, do it, even if others think you are crazy. Make them laugh with you. The day they do, they will realize the virtue of what they've missed.

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In Yoga, we use the breath to guide our movement, to hold ourselves longer in a pose, and to go deeper into a pose. We also use the breath to work in sync with our body's ranges and limitations and to keep us safe. 

Likewise for our lives. It is okay to stop and smell the roses. It is okay to say no and to wait to catch your breath. No one really cares once you're gone anyway - and that the real competition is with no one else but only with the person in the mirror.

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