Sunday, August 24, 2014

I've been assaulted.

Only if some men stop perceiving women as a commodity, as an object, and letting them be who they want to be. It is heartbreaking to see some people who were born out of the womb of a woman who was kind enough to keep them there and yet mistake another woman's kindness as "availability."

It is such presumptions that make these free birds crawl into their nest and not fly out of fear and mistrust, even though they desperately want to.

Shame on men who assault and presume women - just because they have a free spirit does not mean they are inviting you to use them as an object of your gratification. May they be taught their lessons who think that a woman dresses not for herself, but for those predators and act upon urges that are in fact, a consequence of their polluted mind.

A woman's body, clothed or unclothed, is HER OWN property. Even when she marries, it continues to be her own. A marriage or a relationship is not an approval to transfer this ownership or foregoing that property. Never.

As a woman, I always wondered and still wonder whether being born a woman was my curse or boon thanks to these kind of men. But there is surely one thing I can and I will do - and that is to make sure I be the best individual (not man or woman) I can be.

Having said this, please do refrain from responding with remarks or thoughts such as "feminist" - because these thoughts are not feminist. And they are definitely not an outcome of an "attitude problem." A woman speaking her mind is not an attitude problem; rather, it is her exercising her right to freedom of speech. This is a question of legality. 
A violated woman - physically, emotionally or verbally - is also not a question of ethics either. It is an infringement of her existence.

These thoughts are not about equality either. These are the expressions of a wronged wounded soul who finally found a voice. And of those countless souls who are wounded by one rape, or a groping inside a train, a lecherous stare at a store, or any kind of violation of their right to be.

A voice, a soul that dreams. That justice will be delivered. One day... Some day.

Till then, this soul will assimilate and eliminate. But not allow the cruelty to affect itself but stand tall and unaffected and continue to pursue even greater joy and pure bliss. Not because the victim is a wimp or because she can't fight back, but because being unfazed, not retaliation, is the biggest victory of the victim against the oppressor.

Dedicated to all people, women, and even men, who have been assaulted and are still alive.

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