Friday, October 31, 2014

What's in a name? Apparently, a LOT.

Yes, this world is full of fools, especially those d**kheads who think it is funny/sweet to forget someone's name even after meeting them for like the tenth time and assume it is acceptable. Cannot believe what I did when I met with such a person today - just walked off with a smile.

Truly grateful to have not said or done anything that would have given this character a dose of his own medicine, or worse.

Sometimes it is an illness, a disease. Total or selective amnesia probably. But this truly doesn't seem to be that way. I'm so not sorry that I have a beautiful name given by two of the most wonderful people I know. And it is not too hard either to remember. Want to know how to remember it? I can suggest funny, even dumb ways to enable recollection. Better still, tell the meaning of my name!

Not sure if this is another ploy to seek attention, a failed attempt at being charming, chauvinism, or plain arrogance.

Grateful to be able to act like a grown up and be able to not react to people's stupidity, at least on their face. How arrogant, self absorbed, and blissfully disrepectful can they be of other people's existence!

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