Saturday, December 27, 2014

How much ego is too much?

This just happened. At PF Chang, Fort Myers, FL. 

The food was good here. The usual Chinese food, one cannot go wrong with Chinese food anyway. Our server was also fine; however, and I mean a big HOWEVER - there was a server by the name Brian taking care of the table next to ours. The outdoor seating area of this place is not designed well enough and I feel sorry for the servers as they have to squeeze and wade between tables. But obviously, this does not mean that the customers should suffer and be asked to move their chairs so that they can walk over to another customer. Mr Brian does exactly that, which is okay, but where is the sorry for making the customer get up and where is the thank you for moving over into a different chair and getting out of his way? Clearly this guy needs to go back to his etiquette school.

But the ordeal does not end there. I mention this to my server and make it known that I'm still waiting for the thank you. She apologizes and goes to the back to tell him. This guy now - no he doesn't come over to out table - but he walks by, makes a noise and walks back (so cool name? No. That smells of ego.). Ten minutes later, the manager walks over asking how's everything (haha, but we know it is not a coincidence), so I explain the situation. He apologizes as well and tells he will talk to the guy. Guy forms a group with his buddies and starts making noises. Not sure if the mistreatment was because we were not "well dressed" enough for this upmarket place (we were in shorts and tees and back from the beach) or worse, because of the color of our skin!

Sorry Brian, and sorry P F Chang, one needs to learn humility before becoming great. The industry one works in does not matter but humility is important. The service industry in particular thrives on its customer satisfaction. Lack of humility, egotistical behavior does not get anyone anywhere in life. I was waiting till the end for that guy to come out, swallow his pride, and clarify himself (but he didn't, which makes it feel as if what he did was purposeful), or for the manager to do much more than a mere formality of an apology. Well, may be next time you'll have a better teacher to explain what happened tonight.

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