Saturday, November 7, 2015

Don't Hold Back.

Allow yourself to feel completely. And when you love, don't hold back. 

When you stop holding back, you'll be amazed at how much you are capable of giving, getting, experiencing... The true test does not lie in how much one can love someone, but whether one can still continue to be capable of loving and being loved despite being wounded in the past, having that same courage, passion, drive, and possessiveness as the first time.

Many people say choose someone who loves you more than you love them. Some say choose someone who is a better person than you. Some others talk about being with someone who completes you. I feel that we should choose someone who loves us as much as we love them, the knowledge of which cannot be measured but only experienced... Pick the one who compliments you, who calms you when you are like the wind, and who lights your fire when you are afraid to burn.

One fine day, twenty, thirty, maybe forty years later, we will be on our death bed. And no matter how much of a fulfilling life we've had, in those final moments, we are not only going to look back at everything we said and did but also ponder over the things we didn't, just because we were afraid to get hurt, just because we didn't believe ourself, in each other, in "us," because we linked true love with being together happily ever after, because we knew we'd never die in each other's arms, because we knew we'd never make it.

Know that in those final moments, we will neither be able to turn back time nor have enough time on our hands to make amends and completed those unfinished karmas.

So seize the moment. Don't hold back. Give it all you feel like. Love like you've never loved before. Bring your walls down and let yourself experience the warmth and privilege of being loved.

Lead with your heart. Express with your body. Speak your mind. Love with your soul. Allow yourself to spread your wings and fly high no matter how heavy your baggage seems. Too often we let our good, bad, and ugly past make us bitter and blinded sided. That is why we keep running into the same karmic cycles (deja vu) and samskaras (habit/thought patterns) but we fail to realize that our past was only meant to refine us and to prepare us for the extraordinary that lies tomorrow.

Look forward to tomorrow. Look forward to being extraordinary.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Believe in your amazing.

Between life and death, there is a space called nothingness. It has no beginning and no end, and it does not have sound or form. It is invisible but it is still exists. That nothingness is complete within itself and is infinite in all directions. That nothingness is the infinity between clinical death and biological death, the infinity between the demise of the body and the demise of the soul. 

That nothingness is the ultimate reality where the true Self reaches a state of complete tranquility. There is no "I" in that space. The "I" becomes nothing and everything and everyone cease to exist, and yet everything and everyone persist in that space.

Not many experience this nothingness (and return to tell the tale), and for those who do, that nothingness is the beginning of the long journey of either complete transformation or complete giving up, of either accepting to settle or wanting to seek the amazing. The reality is that God puts people through only what they are capable of going through, so the obvious choice would be to seek the amazing. To wish to become extraordinary, to accept that they were not meant to settle or to remain ordinary. It is indeed a life wasted for those who give up, for they are not just giving up on themselves but on how He created them in this life. Indeed what a tragedy it is to be a bird in a gilded cage!

Those who dream to be more than who they are, keep running into several such physical, emotional, and spiritual nothingness throughout their lifetime. It is a test of their faith in the possibility of the extraordinary, of whether they are sure they want to break open their cage and fly and not return.

We are always capable of a lot more than we think we are. We are all meant to be extraordinary. We are all capable of living our dreams and also sharing infinite love and kindness with the world around us. We are capable of breaking away from pain and fear and being free from the illusion of life. All we have to do is persist and believe in our own amazing, not the amazing of someone else.