Thursday, March 24, 2016

All For That One Smile :-)

There comes a point in life when all you care about is God's grace. The world, people, monetary, bodily, gastronomic, and all materialistic pleasures no longer matter. Superficial happiness begins to wear you out and all that matters is being able to look up with open hands and tell Him how much you value His existence in your life, and the only thing that excites you now is being able to hear His voice in your moments of silence. 

God, Universe, fate, intuition, whatever name we give it, we all would agree that there is a higher state beyond all logic and understanding that guides and controls us - and runs over us like a tsunami when we knowingly or unknowingly tune out its greatness. Before this vast, unbeatable power called the Universe, we are nothing. In fact, we are nothing in front of everybody. We are no one. We are just a blip in this endless Universe; our physical being, material gains, status, pride, and all such things do not matter in the grand scheme of things. They are all nothing but a shelter and means to survive on this earth. When we leave, we won't take any of those things with us. All we will take with us is our true Self; our soul, and our actions and attitudes will be counted by the account keeper above. 

When we will go past that point of realization in life, all we will care about is being able to smile at the end of the day, and even if there are tears, let those be tears of joy. Just doing our deeds without expectations, addictions, or attachment and only being concerned with Him and no one else, nothing else. Blessed are those who go through all those cycles of learning and are still able to gracefully stand tall and smile, as if an angel wished magic on their mouths, to smile forever.

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