Saturday, March 19, 2016

Being thankful when we can't

If you only say one prayer in a day, make it Thank you.
~ Rumi

I once came across an old soul who hides in a young one's body, who shared that, "We should be thankful to God even for just being able to see the world around us every morning, and also be thankful not just for the good, but also for the bad and ugly we are about to face every day."

How simple yet beautiful and true! We always ask for the things we don't have, or complain when we think we got a raw deal, but often forget to be grateful when we are granted our wishes or when we feel nothing is going right. Everything we experience is for our betterment and nothing we experience is more than what we can handle. Be thankful just for being alive even if there is nothing to look forward to. The fact that we are still alive and have a sound mind is in itself a miracle and means that our purpose of life is yet to be fulfilled. Being thankful during those times will give the anchoring we need to rest, and readiness to sail when it is time. And the fact that the Universe finds ways to send us messages we need during such times means that the guy up there is indeed watching over us. All we have to do is let that Universe unleash its magic!

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