Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Night Musings #YogaGyan

During the course of practicing as well as sharing the practice of yoga, I've heard people talk about how they are very flexible/inflexible doing some poses, or how the physical form of a pose is so important to them, how they find sitting quietly in meditation or Shavasana is too difficult, and so on.

Here's the thing: Even the most advanced practitioners can't do many poses "properly," meaning they don't look perfectly aligned, nor is their body a perfect yogi's body. Our body behaves differently every day - on some days, our head touches our knees; on others, we can barely bend 4 inches forward. There are days when 2 Surya Namaskars feel more than enough, and there are days when 12 feel like just 1. There are times when we want to practice Shavasana in an inversion and there are times when we would want to skip it altogether and jump into meditation.

Truth is, Yoga is not about touching our toes. It is about what we learn on the way down. It is about listening to our bodies and minds, accepting them for the way they are, understanding why they are that way and why they behave in a particular way on a particular day, understanding when to push ourselves beyond what our bodies and minds tell us, and when to pull back. The same applies to life. Our inner voice keeps talking to us all the time, all we have to do is understand the various beautiful ways it tries to speak. Life is not about the end of it or what goals we set to achieve, or what we actually end up achieving in life. It is about experiencing that journey, accepting it, and learning from it, ever second, every minute, every day. And most importantly, being grateful for all the roses and thorns it scatters on our path!

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