Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Courage: Leading from the Heart

Courage and will are the foundation on which great stories are built. Life will only present opportunities; it won't present us with the weapons of guts, passion, and drive. They will come from within us. We have to overcome our worst fears and be willing to experience pain and shocks to draw them out. 

So never give up. Understand what you truly love. Then live for what you love and never allow yourself the excuse of the world and societal obligations to not use them. The most logical sounding reasons will force you away from following your heart and being fearless. However, it is in those illogical moments that fearlessness is born and impossible things happen... if you want to make something happen, be crazy enough to think you can and then be passionate enough to try.

In Vedic philosophies, there are seven primary centers of energy along the spinal column; the heart center is right in the middle of them. There is a reason why the heart center is placed this way. The three centers below it comprise the physical/material plane of humanity and the higher three centers are associated with more spiritual, "other worldly" aspect of our lives. The heart center acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual planes of our lives and works as a means to bring balance in our life. That is why, the heart center is called "Anahata," the unstruck. So think with your mind, but lead from your heart.

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