Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hypocrisy towards our own sons and daughters. Where are we headed?

The biggest pain a woman goes through is not physical pain, but the fact that no matter what she becomes, how much money, fame, and power she achieves, no matter what she does for her family and community, or no matter how pretty, talented at home and outside she is, people find an excuse to comment about her life and think it is okay to make statements questioning her desires and dreams. Once she hits a certain age, her worth and completeness of her life is measured by her marital status and motherhood.
Not my personal experience, but heard a friend's friend shed copious tears because she went through this. Women were not created solely to marry and rear children, in the same way men were not made for roles their gender is traditionally attributed. Agreed, we all (okay most of us) need companionship after our parents and siblings are gone, but why judge another person's life and their definition of happiness based on our parameters of happiness?
And in fact, why just women, even men go through so much every day. Marital laws weigh heavily against them. They are subjected to the insecurity of being sole and (when not sole) primary breadwinners, being knights in shining armors to their spouses, being good innocent boys to their mothers, being the "world's best dad" to their kids, and what not. But when it comes to them having to cope with their pains, fears, insecurities, they are told to stay silent, and called a wuss if they shed tears?
Why are we such hypocrites? What kind of world are we creating? What kind of education are we imparting our next generations? Why do we not think that, the grief we make someone else's child go through, even our blood and flesh will go through it one day?
Today so many have money, but very few have class. So many have educational degrees - masters, doctorates even, but barely anyone is educated.

Do we really want to bring our kids in such a world?

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