Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Who am I?

Who am I?

I am nobody, I am nothing
I am not this body, not this material thing,
I am not the money I own, not the fancy cars I fly,
Not the man who makes love to his woman,
Not the mother who bears and raises her children.

I am not a winner, nor am I a loser
Not the master of someone, not the slave of anyone
I am not my victories, I am not laughter, nor am I tears.

I am just a moist clump of clay in the Potter's hands.
He throws me on the never-stopping wheel of life,
He molds me one way, and I become that
Then He remoulds me in another way, and then I become that.

Finally, once He is satisfied
He picks me me off the wheel 
And puts me in the scorching heat
To burn, and solidify
And that becomes my destiny,
My purpose of life,
And that becomes my identity.

Don't be afraid of tough times. They are tough, but still possible. Surrender to His will, and allow Him to mold you, put you through fire and heat and everything. You'll end up being the best thing you can ever be.

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