Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rays of the Morning Sun

You witness with your eyes.
What do you see?

You see smiles, you see joy.
Success, victory in life and love

With the eyes of your body and soul,
You conceive, sustain, and destroy
All that is around you.

Then as you witness happiness,
You witness sorrow, grief, and loss
You bear pain, envy, and greed
You lust, you desire
You witness bravery and fear
You witness illusions
Not sure what’s going on in life.

But slowly, with each thing you witness,
You break open your heart,
And one fine day, whether you know or not – whether you want or not,
The heart breaks open!

Be happy!
Light can now enter inside
The depths of the heart and mind and soul

Not just the front of the heart will light up,
But even its dingy closets
Where you hide from the world
What you don’t want to let go.

And now transformation and healing can begin,
And now you will be the catalyst of your own change
Then one beautiful morning, the "first rays of the Sun" will shine again.

“You have to keep breaking your heart till it opens.” 

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