Friday, June 24, 2016

Alone or Lonely?

There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. The two words are not synonymous and mean completely different things. A person can be alone and be in the company of oneself, whereas another can be amongst hundred people and still be lonely. 

It is true that man is a social animal but to think that company of family and friends will drive away loneliness, to think that our "incomplete" life will become complete after finding our so-called one and only one is, to put in mild words, nonsense. Things may in fact get worse after finding that company, because the company is not always right, and because we are human, the companionship inconsistent. We have to be complete ourselves in order to give others company, even if the companionship - or the relationship - is based on codependence. The expectation that once we will get company, our aloneness, loneliness, and boredom will go away, is just an illusion and a false expectation. 

Doing something while expecting something in return is not true compassion. It is selfish. Which is fine upto an extent because humanity survives and progresses on selfishness. But if selfishness becomes the foundation of doing something, then the giving - and even getting - ceases to remain whole and loses its purpose. Instead, doing and giving without expecting anything in return is the highest form of compassion. It shows us depths of ourselves and our capacities which we never thought existed. The day we do that is when we will truly experience compassion in its purest form, and start getting back even more than what we expected.

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