Monday, June 6, 2016

Empathy and Understanding

The smile and silence of an understanding person may be easily misunderstood as fear or cowardice or happiness. But who knows, the silence is because they are strong and dignified enough, or worse, maybe they are still fighting the battles at their doorstep? 
Maybe they are still paying their dues. Maybe their wait for peace is a lot longer than anyone else's. Maybe their battles are so unique that they know no one else will empathize.

Be patient with them. Maybe all they need is their quiet space.

"Samajhdar" people - people who are understanding by nature are often taken for granted. "Samajhdar hai na, samajh ke lega;" "he is an understanding person, he will understand." Yeah right, imagine fifty people thinking like this for the one same person. That poor fellow must be dying from inside!

For those of us who know such understanding people, we may not be born with the ability to show understanding towards the pain and suffering others go through, but we all are gifted with at least a tiny amount of empathy and humanity, and as adults, a truckload of maturity. For the sake of that humanity, be kind to such people. They won't ask for us to be understanding because they know we are incapable of it, but be humane enough to realize that just because our lives are happy-shappy doesn't mean everyone else's is. 

Be the reason for one peaceful night of someone's sleep, or someone's smile, even if that is all we can do. Sometimes, that is all that is needed. And that itself can sometimes be a lot of good karma.

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