Sunday, June 19, 2016

Faith and Magic

A very wise 40-year-old who I have the privilege of being acquainted with, once said, "Why are you looking for solid ground to stand on? Spread your wings and fly!"
Makes so much sense. We keep looking for stability and security. But what if we never get it? Will we lose faith? Rather, should we lose faith? Should we give up on what we love the most? Should we continue investing a lifetime of efforts creating that security?

What if the real answer to this question is a big, fat, NO!
Think about it – why run after something that eludes us? What if it eludes us only because we are running behind it? What if we are meant for something better?
What would happen if someday, we stopped trying to create that ground beneath our feet and just jumped off the cliff with wings of self-belief?
What if we led our lives living with a sense of righteousness and dispassion, not to forget while wearing the cloth of a genuine smile?

Why look for solid ground, what if the thing we thought was solid ground was actually rock bottom? Why be bonded by the chains of sustenance?
Maybe, a better thing to do would be to not care. Don't give a damn. 

Screw it. To hell with rules. To hell with sanity.
Don't run after what you may never have. Instead, look for happiness in madness... Be mad. Be yourself, be free.

There is no sweeter wine than freedom.

Faith is not just about believing that something will happen. It is about trusting our faith and surrendering our deepest desires to the Universe. And the day we do this, magic will start to happen. :-)

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