Thursday, June 16, 2016


It is said that a soul gets to be born as a human being after countless births in other forms. That we are lucky to be born as humans. If this is indeed true, then it may also be true that we taking the human form is an opportunity to attain liberation from the tribulations of living on earth and the pain of being separated from our Divinity.

What would one have to do to get liberated?

One would have to do one's deeds; karma. Not only do deeds, but also do them the right way... with dispassion. 

Then combine the dispassionate action with paying all penances... Prayaschit.. and paying them off patiently, smilingly, without complaining.

Finally, when the time comes, Tyag - sacrifice. Neither regret the sacrifice nor blame anyone else for it.

Manav jeevan hi ek anant Prayaschit hai... human life is an endless penance. At the end of it all, maybe, just maybe, we'll get a small chance to leave and never come back. Maybe, at some time in infinity, once again we will get to experience Parmananda - that pure bliss waiting for us in nothingness.

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