Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thunderstorms And Rebirth

Standing on the edge of a cliff,
There is no way to go back.
There is no place to escape, nowhere to hide
I've been standing still for too long
And I can't stand still any longer.

It's not me, it's not who I am
If I want to be bigger than who I am
To become me again
Must jump off the cliff, even though I can't see what lies beneath
No option but to face my truth.

I must learn to fight again, must learn to die again
Learn to kill again, but this time with love
Learn to give again, with the same care and kindness
But without holding back, without getting hurt, without getting stabbed
Without getting run over this time.

I must fight fire with fire
Get my courage back
Not give up
Find passion again, this time for the right reasons

This time I'll do it the right way
I will wail, weep, and cry
But I will turn my tears, my sorrow, into my strength.
And God? If you want to send a war to my doorstep, bring it on. I am ready
 If I have to marry the love of my life again, bring it on, 
 I am ready....For everything I don't even know.

Once again, this bird is ready to fly
Broken wings, fierce heart 
This time leading from the heart and driving with the soul
The heart and mind will now speak the same language

What have I done to myself?

Now I know the answer.

I will undo the damage I caused to myself
I will live for myself,
I will live again.

Attitude does not define character. Resiliency does.

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