Wednesday, July 20, 2016

If Only...

When we were small children, we were taught that it is okay to fall down and get bruised. We were told that without getting those bruises we will never learn how not to get bruised and how to stand up and walk and run.

But when we grow up, we try our best to not fall at all and keep protecting ourselves, to the point that we run in the opposite direction at the slightest clue of hurt, pain, and any kind of negativity. Not that one should keep looking to get bruised every time, but why be afraid of those bruises and scars? And why hide them if we do get them?

Don't be afraid of falling and getting bruised.

And when you get bruised, don't be ashamed of them and don't feel afraid to wear them on your sleeve.

Life and the experiences she kindly bestows upon us are the greatest and best teachers we can ever have and that learning is the one common purpose of everyone's life. We are all students of this teacher, and no matter how smart we think we are, there is always someone smarter than us. And the minute we start to think that we have gained a lot of wisdom, life will always remind us that there is still something new to learn.

The scars and scrapes of life make us who we are. They build and refine our character, and how much heed we pay those bruises is how we define our future.

Many of us continue to live in our comfort zone out of fear of the unknown - a bad relationship, a dead-end job, or even a poor diet that doesn't nurture us. Not knowing where we are headed and yet going there is beautiful and speaks volumes of our courage.

That we are trying to LIVE, not simply exist.Because,

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Who Needs a TV When You Have Friends Like These?

Couldn't stop myself from posting this conversation between a friend and her bae, he trying to convince her to stay the weekend:

He (Making bedroom eyes):
"Baby you don't have to rush
You can leave your toothbrush
At my place, at my place..."

She (Poker faced):
"Sure. I'll leave my tongue cleaner, floss, and mouthwash at your place too. But I ran out of fresh clothes, so maybe I'll just borrow some of yours?"

ME: (wide grin):
"Umm, don't want this to end..."

Designated Driver or Wingman: Which is more fun?!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Righteousness or Madness...?

Why does doing the right thing often bring pain to us? Why do some of us have such a strong sense of righteousness? Why can't doing the thing we want (which may not be right) also be the righteous thing to do?

The seemingly endless pain and suffering one is made to endure till the light appears can be so harsh that sometimes, it may be too late to feel vindicated about being righteous, or worse, too late to change past decisions and change the course of destiny. If we are hopeful (rather hope "fool"), we may spend the rest of our lives hoping that one day we will have paid our penance and get the fruits of that one righteous act. If we are shitbat crazy and ridiculously lucky, then we may actually be able to make a miracle happen. And in the best case scenario - if the pain caused by that righteousness was the outcome of a lifelong of penance that we were born to endure, then we end up living the rest of our lives learning that the passion behind our righteous act is itself an infinite victory. If and when that happens, that suffering ceases to cause pain; it transforms into the panacea for all our ills, our reason and will to live and see every sunrise and every sunset, and ultimately non-attachment to any consequence of that righteous act, and countless more penances to pay and sacrifices to make.  

Many of us can't be the person we want to be or have the kind of relationships we wish to have before putting some things in life to rest. The fact is that some of us feel so deeply that we don't even realize those emotions and desires exist. And if we do, we may not know how to access them in order to express them the right way. This post is for all those experiences, people, and wishes we forego in the name of the greater good. Hopefully, some day, the Universe will have the kindness to give us back in some way what we gave up as a reward for our righteousness. Or maybe it won’t. Either way, it surely will find its own sweet little way to work its magic and sustain us and itself, like it always has been since the dawn of time.

Okay enough seriousness. Fun time.
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