Monday, September 5, 2016

Ganpati Bappa Is Back :-)

But I will not say "Welcome back"
Because you never left my side.

When all others left, you stood by me
You kept quiet letting me vent out my grief and loss
You helped me scream out the pain

And when I told you to, you started your magic show.

You showed me the ugly real faces of people
You sent me angels to incite my coming closer to you
You broke open the heart so that light could enter
You swept out the dirt, sat next to me and said, "Shit, we screwed up!"
You took away from me what no longer served
And made space for the new.

You told me it's okay to be me, to be "abnormal," a "weirdo"
You said it was okay to be pretty inside out
You made me look beautiful when I was dying from within
You burned me down to ashes so that I could be born again.

Never again do I have to ask you for anything 
You already know what your children need.

Never again do I have to beg for light
Your being in me lights up my soul.

Never again do I have to look for love
The smile on my face proves you are love.

And every remaining day of my life, I wish to be reunited with you

And the closer I get to you, the more I realise how far I am.

To all those who think they have no one: You are never alone and He always lurks around you somewhere, waiting for you to open your eyes and see He's right there, waiting for you to believe. If you can't hear Him reply to your cries for help, that is because He is working very hard for you. He may not always reply in ways you expect, but He will. Just wait, have faith, and He will bring the world at your feet.

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