Sunday, October 30, 2016

I Think I'm in Love.

I think I'm in love.

With trees that shed leaves in fall
That change with the times
That die in winter before they are reborn in spring

With green grass
Which moves wherever the winds of circumstance take them

With birds
Who fill the air with their chirping!
Who make me listen to them talk endlessly!!

With squirrels
Who stretch lazily on warm winter afternoons

I think I'm in love

With tall buildings and tiny cottages
With the miracles of the human brain that create them

I think I'm in love

With the mighty ocean
That takes in everything and everyone, silently, without judgement, without criticism

With rivers, pools, and puddles
That happily scurry in a hurry
To the same ephemeral end every single day.

I think I'm in love

With the sun and the moon and stars
And the northern lights
Who give away all they have
Without asking for anything in return

I think I'm in love

With those who love me and with those who loved me
With those who hate me and with those who hated me
With those who smile, laugh, and cry with me every day

I think I'm in love with being alive.

I think I'm in love with life
And everything it does to make me feel alive

I think I'm in love with death
With all the peace that would come after that

Maybe I'm in love with love?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Laughing is Not Allowed!

Thinking about those who need a reason to smile/laugh or who walk around like the burden of the whole world is on their shoulders... Like a loaded gun, ready to fire any time.

Did someone tell them that it is not allowed, or that they need a permit for that?!!

Indeed, it is a tough life, we go through trying times, and sometimes we just don't feel like being happy. We want to drown in our own sorrows and maybe even kill ourselves. Something like depression, is an illness and it makes us want to do the unimaginable. But what about those who are not depressed and don't want to exercise their facial muscles regularly?

What if we tried to smile for ourselves instead of for others? What if we smiled for no reason? What we unconsciously smiled in the middle of work because of a beautiful memory? 

What if we smiled just because we can?

Smiling releases endorphins - happy hormones and is uplifting. Maybe if we get into a reasonably good mood, we might get into the right frame of mind to actually solve our problems. Even if we can't do that, we can at least get the strength to see through the day. Best of all, a smile costs literally nothing. Who cares if people think you're crazy because you love to smile - just drag them into your craziness!

On that note, THIS ...