Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Water in the Pot

What is water? 

Water is liquid, colorless, odorless, tasteless, and formless. Yet, it is the most essential need of every living being.

Water quenches and nourishes. It is carefree and flows freely. It takes the color and taste of whatever is mixed with it (under most circumstances), be it salt, sugar, blood corpuscles even. 

Whatever container it is put in, it takes that container's form. It also absorbs some of the container's properties due to some chemical reactions. When kept in an earthen pot, it takes its cooling properties and the slightly muddy taste. When kept in a copper vessel, it takes the beneficial properties of copper. 

The container the water is kept in, the land on which the water flows, give the water its form, taste, and odor, thus imparting it some kind of identity and structure. The vessel has to be selfless and allow the water to let itself be consumed by others. The water realizes that people consume the water but admire the vessel that has beauty and structure, and that the structure is not its own. Both have to help each other sustain and flourish. 

But at the same time, if the water is kept still without use and movement for long periods of time, the water will go bad. So will the vessel - it will become smelly and start to grow mold. If not taken care of, then both will become useless; both the vessel and water will have to be thrown away.

So what do we usually do? We empty the vessel of its water from time to time. We purify the water and clean the vessel and put some new water back in. That way, both retain their individuality while giving away some of themselves to each other and the world. Both have to give without expecting and give first without waiting for the other to give. That is the only way both can sustain and prolong their life.

Now, instead of the water and its vessel, what if these were two people? Think about this and read again. :-)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

How to jump off a plane!

My maiden tandem Skydive experience. Not at all scary except at that nanosecond when you slide out of the plane, but other than that, totally surreal, and yes, it is really beautiful up there. A lot of people understandably find this an adrenaline pumping experience, for me it was that divine feeling of calm and nothingness... to each his own I guess. 

P.S.: I used a trial version of the DVD to MP4 converter software so the annoying watermark doesn't go. :-( Hope you have fun watching this and hopefully get inspired :)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Be The Change

Somebody once told me,
"You cannot expect to change people. You have to change yourself."

A lot later I realised that this giggly buddy was quoting the wise words of Gandhi.

What do you do when people hate you, throw stones at you? 
Take that hatred, pick up those stones and turn them into lovely flowers!

Often, a person's anger, hatred, and gossip towards us is simply suppressed dissatisfaction about their own life or misdirected feelings because you were a soft target. Continue to march to the beat of your own drum. Learn to be happy for no reason. Smile at yourself, smile at everyone you meet, and smile at every beautiful thing you see. There is enough malice, bigotry, and imbecility around us. We don't need to contribute to it. By attending to such negativity, we are simply wasting our own energies which could have otherwise been better spent on something more constructive.

And always remember that,
Others may judge you for not following their standards, but deep down they all wish they had the courage to do the same. Instead, be grateful to them, for they are the reason you're still a celebrity. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Face Your Fears

Escapism - and running off with all the strength we have, or even homeostasis in terms of not wanting to do anything or feel anything, or "dying;" is in fact, a sign of weakness.

Having the will to stay back, facing the fear, and then letting go of the fear, needs a lot, lot, lot more strength.

So if it hits you in the middle of nowhere, don't chicken out. Don't look for an extended timeout. When you're on a full bladder and want to pee, do you let go or do you hold back? Or when you're hungry and want to eat, do you tell yourself to ignore the hunger just because that requires you to get up and move to get your food? No, right? Then just don't give up and try to escape.

Wait back. Let the tears flow.
Accept that trauma.

Breathe through the tears, breathe through the pain. Breathe into the extremities and try to sense where your body and mind are holding you back.

Embrace the emotions that finally come to the surface and are finally ready to leave you, after so long. Twenty years later there will be a day and a moment when you will thank yourself for being a "wuss."

Because facing our fears, not escapism, is the only way nature has made to help us learn our lessons in life, without which, we cannot let go. It takes a different amount of time and different circumstances for everyone to know what lessons they have to learn "to get there." But when we get there, somehow (don't know how), we just know. The key is to be patient. It gets frustrating at times but that's the only way. 

We are all on walking on our own path, at our own pace, but our destination is the same. Lending a helping hand to those who you share your path with, but do remember to be kind to yourself too. Because fearlessness doesn't happen where there is no kindness.

BTW, check this out. Just focus on the message though, don't try everything she tells to ;-)