Sunday, November 6, 2016

Face Your Fears

Escapism - and running off with all the strength we have, or even homeostasis in terms of not wanting to do anything or feel anything, or "dying;" is in fact, a sign of weakness.

Having the will to stay back, facing the fear, and then letting go of the fear, needs a lot, lot, lot more strength.

So if it hits you in the middle of nowhere, don't chicken out. Don't look for an extended timeout. When you're on a full bladder and want to pee, do you let go or do you hold back? Or when you're hungry and want to eat, do you tell yourself to ignore the hunger just because that requires you to get up and move to get your food? No, right? Then just don't give up and try to escape.

Wait back. Let the tears flow.
Accept that trauma.

Breathe through the tears, breathe through the pain. Breathe into the extremities and try to sense where your body and mind are holding you back.

Embrace the emotions that finally come to the surface and are finally ready to leave you, after so long. Twenty years later there will be a day and a moment when you will thank yourself for being a "wuss."

Because facing our fears, not escapism, is the only way nature has made to help us learn our lessons in life, without which, we cannot let go. It takes a different amount of time and different circumstances for everyone to know what lessons they have to learn "to get there." But when we get there, somehow (don't know how), we just know. The key is to be patient. It gets frustrating at times but that's the only way. 

We are all on walking on our own path, at our own pace, but our destination is the same. Lending a helping hand to those who you share your path with, but do remember to be kind to yourself too. Because fearlessness doesn't happen where there is no kindness.

BTW, check this out. Just focus on the message though, don't try everything she tells to ;-)

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