Monday, January 2, 2017

Time Changes Everything

Time changes everything.
Patience is a virtue.
What belongs to you shall come to you.
That some wounds can never heal.
Some chapters will never close.

And some chapters, once closed, will make you realize
that it was a lot easier than you thought.

That you may be ready
But sometimes the answers will come to you when the answers are ready.
That some answers will never come to you.
And very often the answers are within you.

 That there is a time and place for everything; smart work has its merits but working hard like a donkey is also at times inevitable.

That people can, and will, stab you in your back
even if you have been nothing but nice to them.
That there are some broken souls who will never be able to turn a new leaf.

That people will be brave enough to fight with others to protect you
but will be too cowardly to match your loyalty.
That human beings are just a medium and He sends us His angels through them.
That His angels will not be in the form of the same people each time.

That a man will have
women standing behind him like a rock.
That a woman will also have men watching her back.
That being born with a uterus is a privilege.
And because that head wears the crown, it is always uneasy.

That if you truly wish for something and trust your faith
mountains will move and miracles will happen.
That expectation is the root of all heartache.
That silence can heal, and silence can also kill.

That you will have to wait for 10 years to fulfill a dream.
That fulfilling a 10 year old dream does not necessarily mean
your 20 year long dream will also get fulfilled.

That we have to forgive to be able to live peacefully
at the expense of our inner demons calling us an imbecile and a weakling.
That sensitivity is NEVER a weakness, but a huge strength.
That no quality is good or bad. It is how you use it
that makes it your positive trait or flaw.
That having tears in your eyes upon experiencing pain, or seeing another's pain
is NOT a sign of immaturity, but a sign of a big heart.

That scruples and principles are never a long winding list. The list is always evolving and never
permanent, and that it does not make you a bad person.
That justice is a relative term.
That being kind does not equate to being a doormat, and that thinking about
yourself does not equate to being selfish.

That you are and will continue to be addressed behind your back with choice expletives
only because they cannot be who you are.
That they want to be like you but never willing to be brave enough to face themselves.
That they will judge you, hate you, think that you have
everything and that you are perfect, but never bother to even imagine
what your journey is all about.
What sacrifices you have made that they won't make.
That they enjoy the small things in life that you don't get to enjoy.

That eventually, you will get to a point when you will realize what things truly matter to you,
for which you are willing to let go of other things you thought you cared about.
And that realization will surprise and even shock you.

That it is important to take a leap of faith every now and then.
That one fine day you will find yourself SO BRAVE
that you will ask the Heavens to do whatever it is that it wants to do to you.
That even after that, every once in a while, your courage will be tested to the limit.
That if your faith is sufficiently unwavering,
He WILL talk to you.
That when He is silent, he is creating something so beautiful for you that
your entire being won't be enough to embrace it.

That one day you are going through the worst phase of your life.
And the next day you find yourself in the midst of a serenity one can experience only in the afterlife.
That one moment you will wail in pain, and another moment you will wonder
how to live without that pain.
That you will not need anyone to remind you
that a habit is not a need.
You will be able to let go of what no longer serves you
a lot sooner than you thought you would.

That if all doors you saw got closed,
He will show you a secret way which no one else knows.

That achieving a vision does not mean you have reached the end
it means that you have come to a new starting place.

That you can never be perfect.
That you are flawed in some way or the other.
That you have to see your ugly self in the mirror again and again
Or He will send someone else to show you.

That growth is not a goal, but an endless process.
That it does not matter if you cannot see the path,
or how long it will take.
That the only thing that matters is the faith
that you are going somewhere beautiful.

That dreams do come true.