Tuesday, May 16, 2017

After Rainy Days

Put on your headphones, turn the volume really high, try to find a quiet place, and listen to the sounds in this video very carefully. They are very subtle, but if you really pay attention, you'll hear them in the background. (Okay just ignore the cellphone and chopping board. Sometimes one can cook and blog at the same time.)

Three days of rain, muck, and gloomy weather after which comes this: 

Quiet and stillness. And the ability to listen what truly needs to be heard. 

Sparrows and robins talking to each other, maybe about the cool, gentle breeze that blows every now and then. About the warm sun uncle that finally decided to peek out from behind white clouds. Or maybe exchanging notes over which is the best place to find food, now that they can finally step outside their shelter. 

The breeze makes wind chimes tinkle ever so softly, adding to the sweet harmony of sounds. 

Amidst all this chattering, ticks along a steadfast clock. It doesn't care what the sparrows and robins are talking about, whether they get food or not, or what the heck the chimes are clattering for. It just keeps ticking along, lost in its own world, marching to the beat of its own drum. It knows that no matter what, it has to and will always keep moving along. And the world will fall in line sooner or later.

Take a moment out of your crazy life to stop and sit still to listen to the beautiful sounds around you. Once we learn to get connected to these sounds, we learn to listen to ourselves. To the sounds inside of us. 

If we pay attention to the sounds inside us, and if we are doing this for the first time, then we might hear NOISE.


All anxiety, anger, fear, translated into noise inside that tiny little head of ours. 

The first time we access it, it might feel daunting, to suddenly come face to face with what are possibly our fears and insecurities. The cacophony might want one to shut out and run away from it and never want to open what appears as the "nothing box" from outside. What we think is our nothing box is actually the attic of our mind where our dark, unwanted, but hard-to-let-go-of stuff is conveniently stashed away, so that our mind can keep coming back to it over and over again. 

Why? Because those hard to let go thoughts, fears, insecurities are a habit, and thus, what the mind considers a safe space. Something that the mind is used to and finds its comfort zone in. The harder part is to sit with those unsettling thoughts - and sit peacefully with them. Face them, look them in the eye. Wonder why we held on to them for so long, and what would happen if we would let go of those negative thoughts that we know we don't need? 

It will take time. But if we take one day at a time, and keep trying a little every day, one fine day, we will be able to gather the courage to finally throw away that huge noisy box. Behind that noisy box will be our real nothing box. Where there is truly nothing, but everything. The sanctuary of peace and quiet. 

Once that real nothing box is opened, life will never be the same again.

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