Thursday, July 6, 2017

Failure and Change

Often life presents us situations to change the course of the path we are walking on. We may not realize that these situations are in fact opportunities because we are too focused walking on our path. The opportunities may be the breakthrough to change our lives for the better; they could also be opportunities to learn something and therefore evolve.

There are times we spend eternity walking inside a dark tunnel searching for light. But by the time this this light starts to appear before us, we might be presented with another crossroad. Another situation, another opportunity, another tunnel whose end we may not know of.

At such times, what will one do? 

Most likely, walk towards the visible light that we were looking for in the first place. The freedom from the darkness that we were searching for, for so long ... the solutions to the problems we've been facing ... the happiness that had eluded us all this time.

But what if that little voice at the back of our head - our conscience - whispers to us that, maybe the light we are chasing will not be probably not as bright as we dreamed it would be? What if while moving closer to fulfilling our dreams we started to wonder whether the dream is really worth achieving, and that maybe our lives are meant for a completely different or a much higher purpose?

Of course, there is a difference between being crazy and being stupid. But bravery does come at the cost of being called stupid sometimes, doesn't it!

If we are not brave, we will not succeed. We will not understand the meaning of failure, which is in fact being successful in knowing what we shouldn't do.

Fear of failure is therefore fear of success itself. It is only when we are brave enough to fail that we will be ready to succeed.

When we were small children, we didn't know how to walk. Walking was a new concept, something unknown to us. We learned how to walk after falling hundreds of times. And once we started walking, we started enjoying being able to move around on our own. We even started running! Today that walking is so ingrained that we just do it involuntarily. It just happens from muscle memory.

Same with facing the unknown.

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